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Okay, so I think that as of last week everything’s been fixed. There were some big oversights, like some links that pointed to plain text (“link goes here” or some such). These are things I fixed once before but were undone when this site was still in testing mode and I rolled back to a previous version.
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Hey everybody, long time no see/write/whatever. You know what I mean. To everybody whose taken a risk on buying one of these guides, I thank you. I didn’t know what kind of sales to expect and I’ve been pleasantly surprised. My day job has had me stuck out in the middle of nowhere with no home internet to speak of (I did have a capped cellular line I could tether to occasionally). Now I’m back to civilization and taking stock. There were some issues with this web page, which I am sorting out presently. First I have to get some things running, then I’ll add all the marketplace links to the posts.
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Okay, so here’s where I’m at: Everything’s up on Gumroad (and linked to from the individual item pages). Everything is also available on Amazon.com, so here are those links:
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On this day, I’m oscillating between terror and pride. I have a personal blog, so I’m used to throwing things online and getting a few reads but otherwise being largely ignored. I’m sure, for a while at least, it will be the same with BABU. I’m still trying to decide if I’m feeling more pride or anxiety right now. About this whole “finally making the self-publishing leap” thing.
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