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Your tour guide through a wasteland of largely useless and satirical guides. Guides, coincidentally, that I wrote.


What is BABU?

The BABU (Building A Better yoU) Foundation is not a foundation, nor is it devoted to building a better you. We (by “we” I mean “I”) are (am) devoted to increasing our (my) wealth, behind the ruse of providing helpful guides.

As such, none of our guides have any inherent value whatsoever, except for the fact that some people find them amusing. They’re generally poorly written with no research, each topic is no more than an excuse to write a string of jokes, and then also an excuse to sell those jokes online, which is all part of a larger goal to eventually have a wheelbarrow full of money that I can lord over friends and family.

We cover such vital topics as How to Hide Your Boners and How to Pretend to Have Climbed Mount Everest. We occasionally have logical slips, for instance writing a scam ebook that explains how to avoid buying scam ebooks. Oopsies!

BABU is owned, operated, administrated and performed by Charlemagne Goodwriter, so named because if you can judge a book by its cover (and you can) then you can certainly judge an author by his name (you certainly can’t). We’re sort of beta testing a new system for generating ebooks created by the gentleman at BZKNZ. If there are any formatting or compatibility errors it’s probably due to the newness of our pipeline (okay, it’s definitely due to Charlemagne messing up, but give him a break). Please let us know at and we’ll try to get it sorted out.