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How Avoid Ebook Scams

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Ebook scams. The Internet is filled with them. You can’t search for help on any subject without being faced with dozens of links to blogs full of ads for some new ebook that will change your life FOREVER!

These books are as low as chain letters and “contest winner” banner ads. There’s something disgusting about people who aim to make money by exploiting the weak-minded. If you or someone you know is weak minded, the best way to obtain help is definitely to buy this book. Don’t worry, somewhere in this book’s 3,500 words I’ll explain how you can avoid buying predatory books like this one in the future. Inside the book though. You have to buy it first and give me money.

You may think that you don’t need to be told how to spot online scams. If you’re still reading this far down the description for this book then you clearly still have a lot to learn. These books always seem to have the same hallmarks:

  • Overly positive attitude
  • Offers to transform your life
  • Has a specific number of things (5 Tips to Restructure your Life, Three Pillars of Personal Wealth, etc.)
  • A cover that requires sunglasses to look directly at
  • Grammar so bad even your computer’s word processor would flag it as incorrect

But scamsters are evolving. Cover design is improving, writing errors are being avoided, and some hucksters are even slipping legitimate advice into their scammy books! Well then how the heck are you supposed to tell the difference? Oh, I know! Buy this book. Hey, come on, buy this book! We’ll give you Seven Key Tips to identifying scam ebooks. You’ll be able to surf the web in extreme confidence because you can have true faith in your ability to avoid scams in the future. Just listen to the testimonials of these satisfied customers:

“I used to waste all my money on books that were supposed to tell me how to make a living working from home. I bought this book and realized that dream was a sham. Except then I bought all of Charlemagne Goodwriter’s other books, and now he’s making a living working from home. Wha—?”

-Eliza Williams, (random internet person)

“I keep trying to mail the internet checks but they won’t cash them! How else am I supposed to get books? I mailed Charlemagne a check and he sent me a copy of this book! And then he walked me through the process of signing up for a credit card so he could sell me an electronic device that I can use to read it! How exciting!”

-Mabel Dashwood, (Charlemagne’s grandmother)

“Charlemagne Goodwriter told me he could teach me how to make money running insurance scams. He came over to my house and after I paid him he told me to go fuck myself. Naturally I punched him in his face. A week later he sued me for medical bills, which my homeowner’s insurance covered. Charlemagne Goodwriter is a genius! I’m going to go around the neighborhood and tell everyone to go fuck themselves!”

-Thomas Palmer, (recently deceased)

So what are you waiting for? Buy this book or pay the price! Er no. Pay the price to buy this book. Yeah! !


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