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Your tour guide through a wasteland of largely useless and satirical guides. Guides, coincidentally, that I wrote.



Okay, so I think that as of last week everything’s been fixed. There were some big oversights, like some links that pointed to plain text (“link goes here” or some such). These are things I fixed once before but were undone when this site was still in testing mode and I rolled back to a previous version.

Also, the page for “How to Hide Your Boners” was overwritten by a template page because the actual page and the template page both pointed to the same url (due to my using the Boners page to make the template and then getting sloppy). And then the links to “my” store (a.k.a. links to my items on Gumroad) were correctly set up on the top of the individual books’ pages but I forgot to update the links at the bottom of the pages, so they frustratingly were left pointing to an unrelated blog I linked for testing purposes before I had any real links.

I know and you know that this web site is the landing page for a series of humorous books and not a blog about a total n00b learning web design for the first time. I’ve ran blogs on a few different CMS’s but Jekyll is a wholly different animal. I’ve tamed it, I think, and I’m stuffing redundancies in to (hopefully) stop this crap from happening again. Future posts should be guide related and not tech-related.

Oh, and I did change the background color. Not sure if I like it, I was going for something more paperlike but most tints lighter than this one were too subtle to have any effect to my untrained eyes anyway. It kept escalating until it reached this point. Still a paper color, but now reminiscent of the high-quality paper some legal documents are printed on.

I apologize for the errors but I should mention that this site is largely a one-man show with limited technical support from a few friends. If you see any more mistakes, or if you like the guides, or if you hate the guides, drop me a line at